Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For the End of the School Year

We have come full circle 
We are back where we began 
In a place of forgiveness 
Charity, joy, and humor. 

In the thick of things 
We forgot we could laugh 
We got petty 
Angry, frustrated, and tired. 

The days were endless soldiers 
Lined up and marching ahead 
I'm not making a difference we thought. 
I'll never get these children ready. 

But on one of the cold endless days
We saw glimmers of what was coming. 
New skills once so intangible 
Now within grasp. 

We stoked those embers 
Gave them little bits of oxygen 
Fuel, and space to grow. 
We hoped, and carried on. 

Finally the glimmers became shining lights,
The embers flames. 
And now we see the children fully 
Who we loved into being. 

We are ready to let them go. 
They are exactly the same 
As when they came 
Yet so different. 

And so with charity, joy, and humor,
In a place of forgiveness, 
We are back where we began. 
We have come full circle
And we are ready to say goodbye.