Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 11 of 31 / Next Door

Next Door

The shouting is muffled and I can't make out the words, but I can make out the tone. My back stiffens as I listen to my neighbors screaming at each other once again. 

I look at my husband in alarm. "Should we call someone? Like the police?" I ask. 

"Not yet," he says. 

Over the yells I hear the piercing cry of a baby in distress. I don't think the baby is in physical pain, but I think she is terrified. My heart breaks for this child. I want to go over there and take her, protect her from a world where she doesn't feel safe. 

I think about my own son, asleep in his crib. I know I will do anything I can to always make him feel safe and loved, no matter what. I want to go pick him up and hold him, I wish I could love him enough to make up for all of the love other children aren't getting. If I could save every child in the world I would. 


  1. Oh dear, neighbors like this bring the troubles of the world to our doorstep, don't they. I, too, feel sorry for the child.

  2. That is challenging. With the requirements in my state for educators, it sounds like it would be (or close to) the point of a mandatory reporting issue. Knowing that it wasn't an isolated event made it even harder to read.