Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 18 of 31 / The Rules

The Rules

Yesterday, Betsy Hubbard wrote a post on Two Writing Teachers entitled Be Your Higher Self. She wrote about rules in the classroom, and suggested that a full list of rules isn't wholly necessary because, after all, the vast majority of students already know the rules, and the ones that don't can be taught the rules quickly. As Betsy wrote, " Self-control may get in the way, but deep down [the students] know what is right." Betsy writes about the work of Barry Lane and Colleen Mestdagh, whose book entitled Force Field for Good teaches teachers how to teach students to "Be Their Higher Selves."  

Rules abound all around us. Traffic rules, rules for conduct, social rules. I have always been one to follow the rules religiously, lest I get in trouble or get found out to be less than perfect. I am a slave in particular to social rules, the norms of society as a whole and of my own smaller groups, family and friends. I am the good daughter, the hard-working employee, the thoughtful friend. And for the most part, I am proud of these parts of myself. I am not looking to change who I am. But what I am looking to do is to make sure I am behaving in a way that is in line with my own set of beliefs and purposes, not the beliefs and purposes of someone else. Today, I will strive to listen to and follow my own set of rules. Because this is my interpretation of being my higher self. 


  1. You commented on my post today that I should go back and reread Betsy's post. I did and then was led here. I needed to read these words. Now I need to reflect. I just might be able to "fix" it. To be my higher self. Thanks!

  2. Isn't being our higher self the coolest thing you can do? I said it to myself a few times today during conversations with both students and colleagues, be your higher self, be your higher self.... I'm glad you wrote about this today. It really is the only rule you need.

  3. "Be your best self" is an excellent mantra. This is something that I think about a lot as a mom with a rebellious four year old daughter!

  4. In our household we are called the "law abiding citizen." I am also a rule follower and need to remember to be my higher self and be true to my own convictions.