Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 9 of 31 / Wave Hill

Wave Hill

There was a little book I used to read over and over as a child called A Time for Everything. One part read:
Some days are so important you mark them with circles on the calendar. Other times are simply lovely days. You mark them with memories on your heart.
Today will be a day marked on my heart. My husband and I strolled the baby to Wave Hill, a spectacular public garden close to our home. The air had the hush of spring, the inklings of winter losing its bite. The sun smelled warm and heavy as it hit my face, the breeze felt fresh rather than cutting. The gardens were unveiling early signs of spring, tiny shoots of bright green entering a world of white and brown.

We nestled into the cafe, James and I sipping hot cocoa and Thomas snuggled on my lap. Thomas charmed the ladies next to us with his infectious, instant smile and shining eyes. Outside the cafe, there was work and moving and mortgages to think about. But inside, there was only the three of us, and there was only that moment, and it was perfect.


  1. Oh, I wish it felt like spring here! It is warmer, and the sun is shining, but the snow is still piled high after yesterday's round of weather. I cannot WAIT to experience spring in 2014!

  2. I can almost smell the fresh air. What a delight to share a Sunday stroll with your little family.

  3. I miss my garden. Looking forward to the shift in the season to wake her up...

  4. Anna, what a perfect small moment--and lovely writing. I can smell the spring of NYC and only wish it were the same in Rochester, NY.

  5. How I long for a moment of green shoots and bright buds. I'm so glad you had a perfect moment today. Sometimes I wish we could press pause.

  6. What a perfect moment. You capture it so well. I can feel the three of you at peace through your words.